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WEEKLY Arrows from Zion 6/3/2013

Arrows from Zion
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Priority Prayer Focus

Everyday brings news that horrifies, disgusts and frightens, but also other news that is exciting, encouraging and powerful.  Truly, like the words of Paul Wilbur’s song, these are the Days of Elijah: "These are the days of great trials of famine and darkness and sword" over against "And these are the days of Ezekiel, the dry bones becoming flesh. And these are the days of Your servant, David, rebuilding a temple of praise."

Let's pray for the people of Yeshua to keep these extremes of reality in balance, so that we see the darkness that surely exists, but with the assurance that the time has come for glorious Light to arise upon us, His glory casting out darkness.

Contact information for all the ministries is included inside the Weekly Summary.
Arrows from Zion
Strategically Aimed for the Lord’s Harvest in Israel

Whenever I read Ruth Nessim’s reports from daily life in Israel, I am incredibly blessed and encouraged about our ability to really make a difference in the lives of people we meet even for the briefest of encounters – and just by being ourselves, nothing special just letting Yeshua shine out through us to others.  Most of us will never stand before hundreds or thousands preaching the gospel from the podium, but we all will have the opportunity to be a living testimony to Yeshua when the plumber comes to the house or with someone in line at the grocery store or in the bed next to us at the hospital. 

Ruth’s letter this month – Happy birthday, Ruth on your 77th birthday – remembers a couple of times that brief encounters made a surprisingly powerful impact on people God put in her path.  I encourage you to read this encouraging report inside the attached Weekly Summary.  It will build you up!

News from David and Leah Ortiz is good – Ami is getting scar-erasing treatments that were developed for soldiers returning from Afghanistan – but also there is a need for prayer as David will be having laparoscopic surgery tomorrow (Thurs June 6) as a colonoscopy found a tumor that is one stage before cancer.  Pray for David’s surgery (and Ami’s laser surgeries) to be 100% effective. 

If you would like to know more about the groundbreaking laser treatments that Ami is getting, they have written a really great and informative article about it and what Ami is going through during these treatments.  Access it here.  They also report that the letter writing campaign to the Israeli government to re-classify Ami as a victim of terror so he can get the legal and medical benefits afforded to terror victims, is yielding results.  It is not too late to write a letter and you can get details on how to do that hereA REQUEST for INTERVENTION &; PRAYER from DAVID & LEAH ORTIZ

Eitan Shishkoff, currently touring in the U.S. wrote a list of some of the things he has been doing over the past month in Israel.  About that list he writes, “At times it is helpful to survey what’s taken place and to appreciate the hand of the Lord in our simple acts of obedience.  I love it that by doing whatever we can to be a tool in His hands, day after day, our Father touches hearts and changes lives.  Are there yet challenges and problems?  Of course, we all live on the same earth, Israel being an especially intense, though physically small, portion of the globe.  That’s the point of these communiqu├ęs…to get a glimpse of where the Lord is answering prayers and where the remaining obstacles lie.”

Some of Eitan’s news and prayer requests concern the upcoming Katzir Summer Camp and the opening of their Coffee House outreach.  The summer camp has found a location for the camp this year and now they ask for prayer over all the details preparing to put it on.  The Coffee House is a vision to reach street traffic and some of the needs are listed inside the attached Weekly Summary.

Our friends in the Haifa Bay region, Tom and Ronit Bender are asking continued prayer for Tom who is fighting lymph node cancer with faith and alternative treatments.  It is a battle he has been fighting for two years and as his wife says, “He really is a walking miracle.”  Ronit reports that in his own health battle God has given Tom a new anointing to pray for the sick.  This they are doing regularly now as they visit the Italian hospice in their area where they are free to minister.  Their report inside the attached Weekly Summary includes information sensitive enough that we cannot share it publicly, but encourage subscribers to open the attachment and read.  Also, the Benders ask for the summer outreaches they will be involved with from their home congregation, Kehilat HaCarmel.  Please pray for this couple who are trusting God completely for Tom’s victory over an aggressive form of cancer. 

From Asher Intrater’s ministry Revive Israel this week we have a super teaching (see below in Teaching Articles), as well as a report from Ron Cantor, the assistant pastor of Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv.  Asher’s first book, The Apple of His Eye, has been re-issued with a new cover.  Asher, Ari Sorko-Ram, and Ariel Blumenthal will be ministering together in Hong Kong at the China "One King" Conference  from June 24-28.  For more info read the attached Weekly Summary.

The Beer Sheva congregation led by Howard and Randi Bass hosts many medical students from the nations who are studying in Israel, and Howard writes about the bitter-sweet time as students graduate and leave the congregational life.  He writes, “We have tried to instill in them the truth that they are Yeshua's/Jesus' witnesses and ambassadors wherever they are and in whatever they may be doing.  We have likewise learned much of what it is to live out the life in Messiah through some of them.  As the apostle Paul wrote to the believers in Rome, there is mutual encouragement and building up in the common faith that we have in Jesus.”

Bass also shares news of an Israeli just out of military service who the family welcomed into lives, and now is about to be baptized in the faith.  They also share a photo of their teen group that ministered at the national Shavuot gathering recently – songs written by one of the girls!   Also news that their daughter Rotem and Joey Magen are expecting their 2nd child in December.  Mazal Tov!

This link will take you to some e-mail exchanges between Howard and another a brother discussing what we believe the Scriptures teach about Israel, the Israel of God, the Commonwealth of Israel, and the Church of God. 

David and Josie Silver were recently ministering in the U.K. when “the Lord began to speak to us about hosting an IRI prayer day in the UK. . . . With the situation Israel is facing right now with Syria, we believe it is crucial for us to intercede before our God for deliverance. We need to send forth “the arrow of the Lord’s deliverance” which is His word. . . We want to conduct this prayer day in a similar manner to our IRI prayer summits here in Israel, where we want you to participate in declaring the word of the Lord. Please advise us if you feel you would be interested in participating with us in this event and anyone you may want to bring along with you, this would assist us in selecting a venue. ”  Get contact info inside the attached Weekly Summary.

The Maoz Ministry prayer alert sent out a report by Martin and Norma Sarvis regarding the national drill Israel conducted last weekend.  Safe rooms that are sealed to keep out nerve gas and other chemical weapon attacks are now required throughout Israel.  You can see a description of the drill and an example of the safe room in the Sarvis’ apartment inside the attached Weekly Summary.

“PLEASE PRAY:  That Israel will be adequately prepared for any future attack from outside her borders.  PRAY for the mercies of God to release His divine counsel into the consciousness of those formulating and implementing these preparations. “

From the Caspari Media Review we have a report on a book by one of the leaders in the Eilat Messianic Congregation that was reviewed by the Eilat local paper.  “Judy Galblum-Pex’s book about the Sudanese refugees in Israel, which was recently published in Hebrew. The article describes how Judy is personally involved with the Sudanese refugees in Eilat, which is why she is able to write this “breathtaking account” of their journey from Sudan all the way through Egypt and the Sinai desert into Israel.”   This is such a good testimony – that is obvious from the Israeli reviewer.

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer the Israeli believers who are fighting for their lives or other urgent health needs: 

Pray for David Ortiz who on June 6 will undergo laparoscopic surgery to remove a tumor that is one stage before cancer according to doctors.  Please pray for the wife of Ariel Ben David, who leads an Eilat Congregation, and also for his worship leader, both of whom were recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Please continue to pray for Neriyah Arabov, a Chosen People minister in Bat Yam who needs a kidney transplant. He has a donor, but due to some compatibility issues, Neriyah is undergoing treatments now that they hope will remove the compatibility issues.  Pray for the treatments to be successful.   Please continue to intercede for Katya Morrison at Tents of Mercy this week to get another bone marrow biopsy then in another 3 weeks, an appointment to discuss the findings:  Pray for no leukemia to be the report.  Tom in the Galilee is believing for victory over cancer in Carmel.  Pray for Ami Ortiz for ongoing issues from the bomb blast – and that he would win the appeal for government recognition that he is a terror victim.  It would mean benefits for the continuing surgeries and legal expenses. Pray for Ariel of Succat Hallel.  Elise Glasser-Levine of Ahavat Yeshua suffering from mysterious and debilitating leg pain for over a year.  Pray for Kay Wilson still suffering from PTSD after surviving a stabbing terrorism attack that her friend did not survive.   Keep Baby Netaley’s full recovery in your prayers. Please pray for Daniel Meyuseff who had to undergo surgery due to an intense infection. Harvest of Asher asks for continued prayer for M. who had surgery not long ago and is now having difficulty with the correct amount and type of medication to regulate insulin. Please hold him up in prayer for multiple health issues!  Also continue to pray for Elena, also in the Acco congregation.

Praying the Headlines

Battle: Who will be worshipped on Jerusalem's holy hill?
VIDEO Prayer Alert by Rick Ridings

Inside the attachment of the
Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries

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Teaching Articles

More than a Zionist By Asher Intrater

Israeli Ministries on Tours
BOOKING meetings now (See open dates) Inside the attached Weekly Summary are itineraries and open dates for Evan Levine of HaTikva Project; and Carolyn & Richard Hyde of Heart of God Ministries; Asher Intrater of Revive Israel; Eitan  Shishkoff  of Ohalai Rachamim; Evan

The Israeli Messianic Marketplace  Feature of the Week

What About Us?
The end-time calling of Gentiles in Israel’s revival
By Eitan Shishkoff
Translations of What About Us? are moving ahead in Japanese, traditional Chinese, German and French. 

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